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The Au-Pair Program or the European Agreement on Au-Pair Placement is a youth cultural educational program of the Council of Europe, which has proven its vitality for the past 45 years. France was the first country which included the Program in its legislation. A lot of European countries, the USA, Canada, etc. were quick to adopt the product of the European value system.

On 8 March 2002 the Au-Pair Program was signed on governmental level by Minister Lidia Shuleva. Thus Bulgaria became a party to the Agreement and went one step closer to its European integration.

Au-Pair originates from French (on par) and is interpreted as “mutually/on equal footing”, i. e. the Au-Pair and the host family help each other on equal footing. The Au-Pair helps the family with the childcare and household chores, for which they treat the Au-Pair hospitably like part of the family – a bigger son or daughter.