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The idea of Au-Pair arised more than 100 years ago when English and German girls went to France at the families of relatives or friends to study the modern French language, to experience the French culture and lifestyle. Sometimes they taught their mother tongue. To show their gratitude for the hospitality, food and accommodation the young girls helped with the childcare and household chores.

After World War I the idea of Au-Pair developed into an efficient way of reconciliation of the European countries tired of wars. Quickly after that through the decades Au-Pair becomes an irreplaceable opportunity for studying a foreign language/culture in a family environment with minimum expenses.

Through the years practice imposes the necessity of international regulations in the relations between the host families and the young people. Thus, in 1969 the European Agreement of Au-Pair Placement appeared which was ratified by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and which is popular as the Au-Pair Program.