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The European educational program for cultural exchange Au-Pair as an effective way of childcare has crossed the borders of Europe long ago. American host families also make use of it by inviting young people from all over the world, sincerely willing to get to know the American culture and way of life, to care for their children. Thus the mutual sharing of cultures fosters the intercultural knowledge and understanding that is the mission of the Au-Pair program.

Au-Pair in the USA is regulated and sponsored by the USA Department of State.

Become an Au-Pair and spend an unforgettable year in the USA.

  • How is Au-Pair in the USA regulated?

    Au-Pairs live with American host families and care for their children. In exchange for their childcare services, Au-Pairs receive a weekly and educational stipend and full room and board in the Host Family’s home under the following conditions:

    • up to 45 hours of work per week;
    • weekly stipend of $195.75;
    • educational stipend of $500.00 per year toward the study of 6 semester hours of academic credit;
    • Au-Pairs must have at least 200 documented hours of infant care experience, excluding their family;
    • Au-Pairs will not be expected to care for infants less than 3 months of age without a host parent or another responsible adult present;
    • childcare duties will not exceed 10 hours any given day;
    • Au-Pairs are entitled to 1.5 consecutive days off, 1 full weekend off per month and 2 weeks (14 days) of paid vacation during the program year.
  • What are the Requirements for Au-Pair in the USA?

    Minimum Requirements:

    • age between 18 and 26;
    • secondary school education;
    • good health;
    • intermediate to high English level;
    • significant childcare experience (at least 200 hours);
    • positive background evaluation based on diplomas, 3 references, criminal background check and a personality profile based on a psychometric test;
    • a strong desire to experience the culture and lifestyle of Americans;
    • positive, flexible and ready to live with an American family;
    • mature, independent and able to handle being away from home for 12 months;
    • non-smoking.

    Most families prefer:

    • age between 22-26;
    • experienced licensed drivers;
    • good childcare experience with infants (at least 200 hours);
    • background in childcare (e. g. kindergarten teachers, pediatric nurses or daycare centre’s employees, etc.);
    • some university study, especially in linguistics and childcare development;
    • first aid and safety training;
    • English level at least a 7 on a scale from 1 to 10.
  • What are the Au-Pair Responsibilities?

    Au-Pair program participant will be expected to:

    • provide quality childcare to the host family for up to 45 hours per week;
    • to commit to exclusively working with the Host Family for a minimum of 12 months (no additional employment allowed);
    • fulfill the educational requirement of gaining at least 6 semester hours of academic credit;
    • complete household chores related to children;
    • respect and follow the Host Family’s rules and the requirements of the American Au-Pair agency;
    • be flexible;
    • communicate openly with the Host Family and the Local Community Representative (LCR)/Regional Director (RD);
    • follow and comply with the mediation and conflict resolution process, if needed;
    • submit required paperwork, including weekly report of hours/time off and monthly check-ins to LCR.
  • What are the Host Family Responsibilities?

    Host Families are expected to:

    • integrate the Au-Pair as a member of the family;
    • limit working hours to a maximum of 45 hours per week, 10 hours per day with 1,5 consecutive days off per week;
    • give Au-Pair 1 full weekend off per month;
    • provide 2 weeks (14 days) of paid vacation;
    • provide a private bedroom;
    • pay а weekly stipend of USD 197.75 directly to Au-Pair;
    • pay a USD 500.00 educational stipend for one year;
    • arrange, provide or pay for transportation to/from the educational institution;
    • obtain medical insurance for Au-Pair;
    • spend the first 3 days with the Au-Pair in their home to train the Au-Pair;
    • participate in at least 1 Family Day Conference/cultural event with Au-Pair;
    • share American culture and be understanding of cultural differences;
    • not require heavy housework such as cleaning the whole house or lawn mowing;
    • obtain additional car insurance if requiring the Au-Pair to drive the family car(s);
    • encourage open communication with Au-Pair.
  • How to apply for Au-Pair in the USA?

    Applicants who meet all requirements for Au-Pair in the USA and accept the benefits and challenges of being Au-Pair in the USA follow this application procedure:

    • passing a Psychometric Evaluation, whose failure saves valuable time and disappointments for the applicant;
    • preparation of the application file including: application form, Au-Pair Pledge, 3 references, medical attest, immunization passport, criminal background check, last diploma, a copy of driver’s license, a copy of passport, pictures with children, telephone interview form, completed by Au-Pair during Host Family interview, psychometric evaluation, English level certificate and our agency evaluation of the applicant;
    • acceptance/rejection of the application by the American agency;
    • Host Family matching – telephone (Skype) interview with the interested families, choice of a family, confirmation of the placement by the family and the American agency, which sends the Au-Pair visa documents to present to the American Embassy in Sofia;
    • interview at the American Embassy;
    • online training childcare course (45 hours), which is provided by the American Au-Pair agency, and has to be completed prior to the Au-Pair’s departure, usually by date of embassy appointment;
    • having passed the training course, the Au-Pair receives information about their flight to the USA;
    • farewell visit to our office and last detailed orientation about the USA, the Au-Pair program and the trip.
  • What fees does the candidate pay?

    Enrollment fee of $ 100, which is non-refundable.

    It shows the seriousness of the candidate and covers the costs for the interview and the psychometric test.

    Application processing fee of $ 600.

    It is charged after the applicant accepts placement.The fee covers the application processing work, as well as the costs for licensed official translations of documents (e.g. conviction status certificate, references, secondary/higher school diploma etc.).

    Apostil legalization of these documents is not included.

    If the USA Au-Pair visa is rejected, the amount of $ 400 is returned to the applicant.

    The candidate pays for the visa costs at the American Embassy.

    Bonus for the Au-Pair – the entire flight to and from the Au-Pair’s home country is refunded to the Au-Pair after they complete their full 12-month Au-Pair program.