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For years China has been attracting more and more attention not only for its rich ancient history and culture dating from 5000 years but also as one of the most modernized, technological, fast-moving countries in the world. Today Chinese language and culture attract thousands of young Au Pairs from all over the world willing to work and study in Chinese-speaking environment.

China has accepted and implemented the European Au-Pair program. Au-Pairs live and work with Chinese Host Families caring for their children and homes. Preparing their kids to live in a multicultural world, the Chinese Host families are open-minded, curious, caring and willing to help their Au-Pairs settle down and be happy in their new surroundings. Host Families are carefully screened in person in their homes by our Chinese partners.

Au-Pairs in China have to abide by the regulations set forth by IAPA (International Au Pair Association), the CAPA (China Au Pair Association) and, of course, abide by the laws in China.

Become an Au-Pair and spend unforgettable time in exotic China.

  • What are the Requirements for Au-Pair in China?

    Minimum requirements:

    • age between 18 and 29;
    • at least secondary school education;
    • good health;
    • good English level;
    • childcare experience;
    • positive evaluation of the candidate based on diplomas, 2 references, criminal background check and the Bulgarian agency evaluation;
    • a strong desire to experience the Chinese culture and lifestyle;
    • mature, independent, positive, outgoing, energetic and loving children.
  • What are the Au-Pair Responsibilities?

    Au-Pair program participants will be expected to:

    • assist in quality childcare and participate in the Host Family activities for up to 30 hours per week and maximum 6 hours a day;
    • do babysitting max. 3 times a week;
    • complete household chores related to children;
    • attend Chinese (Mandarin) classes (min. 4 free classes);
    • respect and follow the Host Family’s rules and the requirements of the Au-Pair program in China;
    • be flexible;
    • communicate openly with the Host Family;
    • follow and comply with the mediation and conflict resolution process, if needed.
  • What are the Host Family Responsibilities?

    Host Families are expected to:

    • integrate the Au-Pair as a member of the family;
    • limit working hours to a maximum of 30 hours per week, 6 hours per day with 1,5 consecutive days off per week;
    • give Au-Pair 1 full weekend off per month;
    • provide 1 full week of paid vacation for each 6 month completed (if the Au-Pair stay is shorter than 6 months, paid vacation is calculated accordingly);
    • provide full board and private bedroom;
    • pay pocket money of CHY 1000 (app. USD 161) per month directly to Au-Pair;
    • not require heavy housework such as cleaning windows, cleaning the whole house or gardening;
    • encourage open communication with Au-Pair.
  • What are the Responsibilities of Our Chinese Partners?

    Our Chinese partners are expected to:

    • arrange and pay for all procedures concerning visa, insurances, Chinese (Mandarin) classes and flight tickets;
    • organize the applicant’s arrival in China and arrange for the family or staff to pick up the applicant at the airport;
    • provide the Au-Pair with a comprehensive Information Pack on arrival;
    • register Au-Pair at police office within 24 hours;
    • ensure a free orientation and training service for Au-Pair as soon as they arrive in China;
    • support Au-Pair both in work and daily life (e.g. help with opening a bank account and getting a travel card);
    • ensure no less than 4 free Chinese classes per week for the Au Pair;
    • ensure a 2-week notice period for both Au Pair and Host Family, if needed;
    • find a replacement family for the Au-Pair, if necessary;
    • refund the Au Pair for their flight ticket depending on the length of stay and at the end of the Au-Pair stay as follows:

      for a 3-month stay - CNY 3000;

      for a 9-month stay - CNY 5000;

      for a 12-month stay - CNY 8000 (app. USD 1300).

    • organize social events (cultural, communication and city orientation) for Au-Pairs to help them fit in with the Chinese way of life and find new friends;
    • award a certificate to Au-Pairs who complete their full Au-Pair stay in China.
  • What is Demi Pair in China?

    The Demi Pair program gives each applicant the opportunity to study and work in Shanghai, China, with more focus on studying. It is a perfect way for the applicant to save on accommodation and food expenses, at the same time enjoying the comfort of a family home and developing the Chinese language faster.

    Demi Pair placements are available for applicants with intermediate or higher English level and childcare experience. The minimum stay with a family is 4 months, as long as the Au-Pair completes their studies.

    Demi Pairs live as part of a local family helping the family with the childcare and light household chores and study full time.

    The universities offer the following programs:

    Au Pair Special (Short Course)

    Classes are from 8:30 am to 12:10 on weekdays. Duration of the course is 16 weeks (one semester).

    Universities and fees:

    • Shanghai Finance and Economics University - CNY 9000/semester, Business Chinese - CNY 9000/semester;
    • Fudan University - CNY 10500/semester;
    • Tongji University - CNY 16400/year;
    • Shanghai University - CNY 8750/semester;
    • Jiaotong University - CNY 9100/semester;
    • Shanghai International Studies University:

      Length of Schooling - Tuition in CNY

      One semester - 8950

      One year - 17900

      One month - 3700

      Two months - 5750

      Three months - 7350

      It’s also possible to apply for other universities/cities such as Beijing, Chongqing etc. We’re available to help.

  • How to apply for Au-Pair in China?

    Applicants who meet all requirements for Au-Pair in China and accept the benefits and challenges of being an Au-Pair in China follow this application procedure:

    • preparation of the application file including: application form, Au-Pair Pledge, 2 references, medical attest, criminal background check, last diploma, a copy of passport, pictures with children, English level certificate and our agency evaluation of the applicant;
    • Host Family matching – telephone (Skype) interview with the interested families, choice of a family, confirmation of the placement by the family and the Chinese agency;
    • Au-Pairs sign contracts with the Host family and with the Chinese Au-Pair agency;
    • visa application with the Chinese Embassy in Sofia;
    • book a flight ticket, as soon as you sign the contract;
    • farewell visit to our office and last detailed orientation about China, the Au-Pair program and the trip.
  • What fees does the candidate pay?

    Enrollment fee of BGN 180, which is non-refundable.

    The enrollment fee guarantees the seriousness of the candidate and includes the cost for the Au-Pair file preparation, as well as the costs for licensed official translations of documents (e.g. conviction status certificate, secondary/higher school diploma, references etc.). Apostil legalization of these documents is not included.

    Application processing fee of BGN 600, which is charged after the applicant accepts placement.

    The fee covers all application processing work.

    The candidate pays for the visa costs at the Chinese Embassy.

    If the candidate is denied a visa, BGN 400 will be refunded to them.

    Bonuses for the Au-Pair:

    • the flight to and from the Au-Pair’s home country is refunded to the Au-Pair after they complete their Au-Pair program as follows:
    • for a 3-month stay - CNY 3000;

      for a 9-month stay - CNY 5000;

      for a 12-month stay - CNY 8000 (app. USD 1300).

    • the visa costs are refunded to the Au-Pair after they complete their Au-Pair stay.