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Congratulations to the foreign and Bulgarian families, which chose an Au-Pair to take care of their children!

Au-Pairs are intelligent, curious and broad-minded young people, motivated to take care of children and to help with light housework. In exchange for their help they receive food, room and pocket money (70-80 Euro/week averagely) from you. The purpose of their stay is to improve their knowledge of the language and culture of your country. The Au-Pair usually works 25-30 hours per week and attends a language course.

You should decide what kind of candidate you need before registering – a girl or a boy, what age, what nationality, driver or not, what childcare experience, what character, liking pets or not, etc.

After that you can register by downloading the form here.

We will find candidates who best suit your needs, specified in the form, will help you interview them and pick the most suitable candidate.

Register here, so that we can start searching for your Au-Pair today.

  • Why should we choose an Au-Pair to take care of our children?

    Your children will have someone to take constant care of them like a bigger sister (brother), while complying with your daily schedule.

    Through Au-Pair you will get to know a foreign culture and if you want, the Au-Pair will teach your children Bulgarian, English, German or French.

    You will have someone at your disposal, if you happen to be late from work or you urgently need to go to the doctor, etc.

    You will have more time for entertainment and rest and you will spend more quality time with your children and family.

    You will be able to be more productive at work.

    Nannies are very expensive and don’t help with the housework, while Au-Pair is an excellent and non-expensive alternative.

  • Is my idea of Au-Pair correct?

    Always available? – No, the Au-Pair is not always available, but only during the time coordinated with you in advance; the rest of the time the Au-Pair goes to a language course, meets friends, goes shopping or sight-seeing.

    He/she doesn’t speak the language well? – No, most young people already speak the language at a good conversational level when they arrive.

    You have to provide the Au-Pair with a separate bathroom? – No, they can use yours, if you coordinate the time everyone will spend in the bathroom.

    Can they bring friends in the house? – You are the host, you specify the rules of the house and the Au-Pair must comply with them; it’s advisable to talk to the Au-Pair about the rules of your home in advance, we will be at your service, too.

    - The Au-Pair is not experienced enough? – No, our A-Pairs have childcare experience and like to spend time with them – they have taken care of neighbours’/friends’ children after school/lectures, during weekends/holidays, they have helped look after younger brothers/sisters. Practice shows that young people manage excellently with childcare duties.