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The Au-Pair’s everyday duties are various and depend on the needs and lifestyle of the host family. They are specified in the form/contract of the family.

The main duty of the Au-Pair is to help with the childcare/upbringing and to do some light housework, mostly related to the children.

Childcare usually includes: waking up, dressing, preparation of breakfast/sandwich for the kindergarten/school, taking the children to/from school/kindergarten, taking them to various extracurricular activities/entertainments, helping them with homeworks, going for walks, games and creative activities, book reading, tiding up and cleaning of their room and bathroom, bathing, doing laundry, ironing and putting their clothes in place, etc.

The Au-Pair also does some light housework, such as dusting, vacuuming, helping in the kitchen, watering of flowers. The Au-Pair may walk the dog or prepare lunch/breakfast for the child and for themselves, but not cook and serve for the whole family. The Au-Pair is not a servant and should have enough free time for themselves and for pursuing their goals.

The working hours of the Au-Pair, specified by the European Agreement on Au-Pair Placement or the Au-Pair Program (for short) includes 25-30 hours per week, distributed over 5-6 work days – 5-6 hours a day averagely. The host family may ask the Au-Pair to baby-sit twice a week, while they are out. This time is not included in the 25-30-hour work week. In cases when the child is sick or in vacation a preliminary arrangement is made and if the sum of the hours exceeds the time specified by the program, they should be compensated with free time. The schedule for each day of the week is discussed with the Au-Pair in advance, so that they can plan their free time.

The Au-Pair studies the language in courses for foreigners.

The Au-Pair covers the travelling and visa expenses, the language course fee (if the family doesn’t pay for it) and our fee for participation in the program.