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What does the application procedure include:

  • preparation of an Au-Pair file;
  • translation of documents;
  • sending of the file to the Partner Au-Pair Agency;
  • preparation for the phone call/Skype interview with the family;
  • process of searching for a suitable host family;
  • phone call/Skype interview with the family;
  • invitation/ contract for placement;
  • arrangement of the meeting of Au-Pair.

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  • What’s the period of implementation of an Au-Pair application?
    Usually, between 10 days and 2-3 months.
  • What’s the fee for participating in the program?
    The administrative fee is 480 BGN. It’s due in 3 instalments:
    • the first instalment is 180 BGN and is due upon conclusion of contract; this fee includes the translations of 2 references, a diploma, a Conviction Status Certificate and editing of the letter to the family;
    • the second instalment is 150 BGN and is due after the interview with the first family;
    • the third instalment is 150 BGN and is due after the invitation/contract for placement is received.
  • Why should I pay in advance?
    Our practice shows that payment of an initial instalment guarantees the serious intentions of the Au-Pair candidate.
  • If I don’t like the family, can I change it?
    The Au-Pair Program specifies that the family can be changed with a 14-day notice, as well as the Au-Pair can be changed by the family with the same notice period. In both cases no one bears financial/legal liability. However, changing the family during the first 4 weeks of the placement is not recommended. Practice shows that with time the “cultural shock” can be overcome when there’s goodwill and tolerance on both sides.