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Au-Pair is the oldest youth program for cultural exchange in the world. It has proven its uniqueness in the encouragement of friendly and peaceful cultural relations between nations. The program sets equal requirements towards Au-Pairs, as well as towards host families. The hosts treat the Au-Pair as part of the family and the Au-Pair treats them like parents, brothers and sisters.

Why should you choose Agency Au~Pair Bulgaria?

- expert experience since 2002;
- thousands of successful Au-Pairs;
- grateful host families;
- trustworthiness, tolerance and care;
- internationally renowned partners;
- devotion to the mission.

Au-Pair is an irreplaceable opportunity for studying a foreign language and culture abroad with minimum expenses. It’s a stepping-stone towards the academic and professional growth of thousands of young people. After completing the program they study in the foreign country or use the knowledge they’ve gained for a professional career.

Why should you become an Au-Рair?

  • to learn a foreign language quickly and easily;
  • to study abroad;
  • to immerse yourself in a new culture and a new way of life;
  • to be independent;
  • to live abroad with minimum expenses, travelling and experiencing new countries;
  • to advance in your career;
  • to experience the joy of communicating with children;
  • to make new contacts and friendships.

Why do you need an Au-Pair agency??

  • the Au-Pair agency is a guarantee for your safety;
  • it presents you in the best way before the families, so that they choose you;
  • finding a suitable family requires professionalism;
  • the agency helps when you experience difficulties with the family;
  • it consults you on visa and other matters.

Our programs around the world

News and Events

  • What should I do this year? Agency AU-PAIR Bulgaria?

    You did't get into a university this year? You lost your job or you simply want to go abroad? Why don't you become an au-pair in Europe, the USA, Canada or China?
  • AU-PAIR in China

    Our participation in the International Exhibition Education Beyond Borders this year encouraged us to start an Au-Pair Program in China.
  • International Exhibition Education Beyond Borders 17-19.10.2014

    It's already a tradition for Agency Au~Pair Bulgaria to participate in the International Exhibition Education Beyond Borders, which is held for the eleventh time this fall in the National Palace of Culture, Sofia.